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The Fleur de Lis Design Using This Design in Home Decor

The Fleur de Lis Design

The Fleur de Lis symbol is historically associated with the French monarchy. Here in the United States, you see influences of the Fleur de Lis design in areas where the French settled – Louisiana, St. Louis, and Louisville, and in French-Canadian regions such as Quebec. The fleur de lis emblem is seen on everything from coat of arms, to banners, paintings, and even graffiti. The New Orleans Saints logo closely resembles the Fleur De Lis, due to the French influence in that city. The Fleur de Lis symbol is historic and one that is easily recognized. It is seen around the world and has even made its way into the designs of home architecture.


The Fleur de Lis is a stylized lily, which is the French word for “flower.” In describing the symbol, it has a middle “leaf” and two smaller side leaves that curve downward. The symbol is just about always seen in some variation of this basic design. There is a small horizontal bar that wraps around the bottom of the three separate leaves, to give the appearance of a band that holds them together. The Fleur de Lis isn’t a complication design in nature, but it can be elaborated upon or seen in different colors and sizes. It is a symbol that gives off a regal distinction.


This symbol isn’t only seen on political and cultural emblems. It has stretched from a logo to a design piece that homeowners adorn their furniture with. Commonly, bath hardware will feature fleur de lis pieces that really add elegance and a sophisticated, classic touch to the room. Also, given its cultural influence, is a perfect addition for your French décor.

The Fleur de Lis is one of the many different architectural styles offered in door, window, cabinet, lighting and bathroom hardware section. Accessories adorned with this symbol include towel rings, as well as towel bars, hooks, and even tissue holders. The symbol in this towel ring is more stylized than what you would see in the basic Fleur de Lis. Here, the symbol is made up of individual, curved bars that are open between them. Additionally, a diamond adorns the front of the pattern. This Fleur de Lis piece is rich with style and elegance and it displays the different ways that you can stylize the classic French symbol. Additionally, the braided ring makes for a wonderful complimentary piece.

Try visiting Look In The Attic – they can also give you the option of having your Fleur de Lis hardware come in a polished brass, antique brass, polishec chrome, flat black or oil rubbed bronze finishes.

Style and Functionality Together Make a Perfect Home Office

The construction of a home office is a new addition in Pakistani construction and interior designing sector. Now, while constructing a new house, people prefer to allocate a room for a home office because this is not only a trend but also has become a need, as it provides the residents a chance to do some official work. You need to hire the services of a professional like a modern architect in Pakistan because, he will offer you suggestions while keeping location, structure and aesthetics of your home office.

If you are a businessman, somehow or the other you have to take some of your work to home and for this, you need to allocate a special place where you could work without interruption. Even if you are doing a job, you can bring your pending work home and get it done while sitting in the room that is completely dedicated for this kind of work.

Here are some architectural and interior designing techniques which you can use to combine style and functionality together to create a perfect home office.

Shelves and Cabinetry

You need to have special kinds of shelves and cabinetry because these are good to save your documents and other things like stationary. Built-in shelves in the walls not only make your home office look trendier but also serve the purpose of saving your important work related commodities such as stationary. Even open shelves can be used to place trophies, or any other decorative items. You can allot each cabinet or drawer for a specific item – for instance, put magazines in one section and place a label outside the cabinet. This will help you find items easily because a more organized placement makes your working area look more professional.

Working Desk and Table

Working desk and table are the most essential parts of your home office using which you can do your official work. Be very careful while getting a table designed, make sure its height is comfortable and does carry the style along with the functionality. For instance, you can choose the one which has special pull-in drawers beneath it. These can be used to place official documents as well as other important accessories. Chair should be very comfortable so that you could easily sit on it for a long time period. The better option is to take a revolving chair because it is more comfortable to sit in and relax.

Cork Boards on the Wall

Cork boards are also one of the most important accessories of home offices because these are used to place your memos in proper order. The to-do list helps you to follow a schedule in a professional and proper way. You can either get a single big cork board placed in your home office or use multiple smaller size pieced in different shapes and designs.

Folding Screens

If your home-office is bigger in size and there are more than two people to work in it, you can use folding screens to create privacy for each. These are not too expensive because you can simply use double corkboard in different designs and styles.

Proper Lighting

Proper lighting is necessary to concentrate. Make sure that the lighting in your workroom is not too dim or intense. Other than having the main light, you can place a table lamp as it helps doing the paperwork.

Choose Appropriate Paint Color

To maintain more of a working ambiance in your home office, you should choose paint colors such as – beige, grey, white or any other paint color of the same category. Before choosing any paint color you can consult a modern interior designer in Lahore because he, being a professional can provide you best guidance.

This is how by keeping up all the functional and decorative factors in view, one can create an ideal working place at home.

How to select tiles for your house or office

Planning to renovate your home or office? Choosing the right tile design, color and texture literally sets the theme and ambience of the room. Smart homes and office have one thing in common and that is use of tiles that look great and offer great versatility and durability.

The tile color and texture add an exquisite and sophisticated look to make your home or office stand-out. With a wide selection of colors and textures, there are umpteen choices for consumers to choose from. Choosing the right tiles for your house or office however demands that you also pay attention to some few crucial tips.

Which Tiles to select

Ceramic or Porcelain:

While both have their advantages, each comes with its distinct USPs and distinct advantages. Ceramic tiles are anti-moisture and resistant to wear and tear. Thus they are mostly recommended for bathrooms and kitchens or heavy traffic areas like living rooms, lounges, front halls.

The Asian Granito Glazed Vitrified Tiles and Ceramic Wall Tiles are a great example of these. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean, sufficiently waterproof and a great value for money. While porcelain tiles are best for heavy traffic and flooring because they have incredible strength, anti-slip grip while being extremely durable and water-resistant. Thus they are excellent choice for flooring.

Large Tiles:

Not only are large format tiles more visually appealing, they add a contemporary and seamless look especially for small rooms. These make small rooms look larger by creating a sense of space and more sophisticated. These are also low on maintenance. The AGL JUMBO (1000x1000mm) and IMPERIO (800x800mm) are perfect new-age double charged vitrified tiles for homes and offices.

How to Select Tiles

Natural Light and Size of the room:

Is natural light in abundance in your room? Tiles in light colors and pastels with digital art or patterns work wonders to light up a dim-lit room. Moreover choosing tiles of light color white or light hues also makes small places appear spacious as they reflect light, thus giving a room more spacious effect. Whereas if you have plenty of light and the rooms are spacious, you should ideally choose navy tones or even decorative tiles to enhance the beauty of the floor and walls.

Blend Tile and Wall Color:

Try to keep the same color tone in small rooms and bathroom, thus blending the tile color with wall magnifies the space. This is because it makes the room follow one continuous color palette, thus making it look spacious as compared to using contrast color tiles.

Design theme:

Got a modern or classic traditional design theme on our mind? If you plan to pursue your creative side and experiment, the selection of tile plays a major role. For a modern design theme, choose large format tiles with the classic marble or travertine look for its high-end luxurious appeal. Ensure that you choose tiles in proportion to the room to get the aesthetics well-balanced.

Equally modern and minimalist are tiles with wooden accent like ‘GRESTEK’ – a collection of glazed vitrified tiles.  Looking for a more classic design theme for your home or office, choose tiles with pattern and proportions to enhance the visual appeal.


Your professional field of work equally dictates the choice of color and design philosophy. Thus choose color and texture that is more suitable to your profession and makes a positive impression on your clients rather than leaving them confused. Choose from Asian Granito’s amazing collection of European series and Victorian Series.

Seasonal Home Interior Designing Ideas

With the changes in climate you have to make changes inside your house either to create an overall compatibility or to soothe the effect of extreme external atmosphere. For instance, the summer season is considerably hot in Pakistan; therefore, people used to design the interior in a way that it could nullify the acute effects of the weather outside.

Making seasonal changes in the interior of a house has also become a trend in Pakistan. Seasonal decoration also refreshes a house’ interior look on the whole. As there are four prominent seasons –summer, winters, autumn and spring in Pakistan, therefore altering the interior of a house four times during a year apparently seems hectic but you do not need to go for any major changes.

Some of the people confuse house renovation with the seasonal interior designing changes. Although renovation involves some interior changes but majorly it is related to structural and constructional changes for which, a home owner has to hire professionals from a construction company in Pakistan. You do not need to go for structural changes as frequently as you make interior alterations.

Little changes in your house interior can result in creating a totally new and refreshing look. Let us get some ideas related to seasonal interior designing of house; it is not as difficult as you think of.

For summers

For summer, you can change the paint of your house. You can go for the lighter and brighter colors which maintain a comparatively cooler effect by reflecting sunlight. Choose cotton or any other curtains of summer stuff with brighter shades.  Moreover, you can also spread the cotton bed sheets and sofa covers with cooler stuff and brighter colors.


Usually, at the end of summer, you need to refresh the paint of your house because the Monson season causes some water seepages which ruin your paint by creating molds and mildews. As a result, the fungus accumulation not only creates a bad odor inside your house but also affects your health. Therefore, as the winter season starts, you can get your house repainted by doing proper refilling of cracked spaces. To create a cozy look inside your house, you can place a rug and a carpet inside your bedroom and living area. In the similar way, you can replace the cotton bed sheets and sofa covers with velvety or any other warm stuff.


Autumn is the part of your winter season; therefore, you do not need to make any apparent changes in your house.


Spring is most cheerful period in Pakistan with climatic point of view. It pushes you to make your house interior as colorful and bright as the season itself is. You can say good bye to your all winter’s interior by replacing the curtains, bed sheets, sofa covers and rugs. Add multicolored curtains with more of brighter shades. Bring color in everything, even you can replace some old decorating items with new ones like adding some climbing plants like money plants, or you can also use some original flowers and plants to decorate your home interior.

Your interior designing ideas end nowhere, it is all about your interest and passion of making your house more up-to-date and season friendly.  There are some interior designing changes which can be done by using simple DIY techniques; however, to make some major alterations you have to hire the services of topinterior designer in Lahore. Always keep in mind that the seasonal interior designing ideas vary from place to place like in the hilly areas of Pakistan the way of decorating a house is a bit different from that you see in a city like Lahore.

Latest Trends In Rugs that Add Luxury to Your Home Floor

In many colonial homes, rugs from bygone eras, passed on from generation to generation as family heirlooms are still in use. No doubt, there is no match for these elegant rugs, but sometimes, when a change is desperately needed, people may look for new rugs. These evergreen rugs can only be replaced with options that equally matches. Your search for a similarly glamorous rug ends at luxury rugs. As the name suggests, these rugs are available in ornate designs and patterns that blend well with the overall luxurious decor of the space. Packing a punch, these rugs are smooth, soft and stylish to the core. In many homes, these rugs can also be found hanging on the wall as a wall art. Nothing less than a piece of art, these rugs are a joy to possess.

Natural Look with Hide Rugs

Far removed from living an opulent lifestyle, some homeowners revel in simple and subtle decor. They have a lot of choices when it comes to quality but understated and refined looking rugs. Hide rugs are one them. The elegance and warmth of these rugs make them quite sought after. The homeliness of these rugs makes the space warm and welcoming. Since these cowhide rugs are the skin of a dead animal; these rugs are available in neutral shades of black, white, brown and gray colors. These rugs are suitable for modern as well as traditional homes. You can simply jazz up your home with these seemingly simple rugs.
Get a customized rug with Made to Measure Rugs

If you are looking for a unique rug regarding size, style, deign, color or texture, you can ask the rug manufacturer to “make a rug for you.”  It is important to understand that rugs help to add glamor and style to space. Rugs can also assist in demarcating different areas. When looking for specific dimensions, made to measure rugs seems to be a perfect choice. The buyers need to share the exact dimensions with the rug manufacturer. This way a lot of effort and time spent in looking for a perfect rug are saved. Moreover, a rug without any unseemly or awkward look can be bought. If a rug is not fitting correctly as per the size of the space, it imparts an ugly look. It should not in any way look out of place.

These days, there are many online rug manufacturing and selling companies that are known to offer made to measure or customized solutions to their customers. It is wise to get in touch with them and share relevant details and expectations with them so as to get a perfect rug that meets the requirement.