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Design your own Cloakroom Suite in an elegant manner

Cloakroom suites

A cloakroom suite is that immensely useful appendage to the downstairs lobby or lounge, which might seem difficult to fit-in during the home designing stage, but turns out to be ‘what-would-I-do-without-you’ necessity later on.

A cloakroom suite is equipped with a toilet and basin, without the bath, and it gains importance once your house becomes functional. More so, if you have children, or frequent guests!

Planning the layout of Cloakroom Suites

Finding a suitable place to squeeze in a cloakroom suite requires adequate planning and imagination. If space is a constraint, then the customary location is the dead space under the staircase. You could even consider converting an extended corner of your sitting room into a cloakroom suite.

But, if your cloakroom suite is not just an afterthought and you have space for a generous sized one, then this room can become as much of a style statement as the rest of your house. The most popular choices are basins with built-in vanity units and back-to-the-wall toilets. They come in colour or theme coordinated sets. You can focus on stylish bathroom furniture, like a sink vanity, shelves and storage cabinet or a clothes rack, to complete the look. The cloakroom basins come in compact space-saving designs with a storage cabinet under it. This maximises free space, hides all the ugly plumbing pipes and gives the cloakroom a sleek and minimalist look. Wall-hung cloakroom sinks are another option and provide a similar effect. Likewise,cloakroom toilets also come in slim and sleek designs, and depending on personal preference, you can choose either a back-to-the-wall toilet or a wall-hung toilet.

Decorate Your Home with Stylish and Elegant Looking Decorative Veneers

Decorative veneers are considered to be one of the most elegant ways to beautify and decorate your house. Installing these wood veneers completely transform your house, making it look much more striking and appealing. Some of the examples of exotic wood veneers which you can use in your home include Zebrawood, Olive Burl, Japanese Tamo Ash, Jarrah, Koto, Etimo, Jatobah, Khaya, etc. To get the best of these exotic veneers you need to find the leading veneer manufacturer in India who can offer you nothing less than the best of these.

Decorative Veneers

Wood Veneer is a very thin slice of wood and is derived from a tree log. These logs are mounted horizontally on the machine and rotated about their longitudinal axis while a cutter peels off thin layers from the log. The veneers so obtained are very thin, which is also essential to use them effectively to beautify the doors, countertops, tabletops and other works of wood in your home. You can access varieties of these from any of the leading decorative veneer suppliers around the country.

Why install decorative wood veneers in your home

Mentioned below are some of the reasons why you should install these decorative veneers:

The Image these portray: The furniture made from wood veneers is finer and classier in looks and gives them a distinct appearance. They increase the re-sale value too because of their distinct look and style.

Environment Friendly: These veneers are easily degradable and eco-friendly in nature. The manufacturer of these veneer products keeps the environmental conditions in mind.

Designs and textures: You get a wide range of designs and textures with wood veneers. Because these are cut in different ways you get to obtain variations through every slice of veneer.

Scratch and Stain Resistance: These veneers are in-built with strain and scratch resistant property, which makes them a highly preferred choice over other products.

Easily Customized: You can easily customize these wood veneers into drawer, special sizing, and two tone coloring and cabinet configurations. Although you can easily customize wood veneers, the price still remains the same. They are affordable and best products for your interiors to make them look more decorative and attractive.

4 Home Improvement Fixes that Add Value

Are you looking for inexpensive ways to improve the look, feel, and value of your home? Home improvement for Canton residents doesn’t need to cost a fortune to achieve dramatic results. Here are 4 easy ways to increase your home’s value while boosting its style.

Fresh Paint

When was the last time you painted your home? A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for an interior that is looking old and tired. Day to day living can wreak havoc on your walls. After a couple of years, smudges, chips, and other imperfections start to show. Whether you want to change colors or just refresh your current color, the choices are all yours and the results will be amazing.

Don’t neglect your baseboards. When you have the paint brush out, get on the floor and give the baseboards a touch up. Also, consider touching up door frames. These areas of your home get the most abuse. So, give them a little tender loving care every now and then.

Purchase New Appliances

If you aren’t inspired to cook in your kitchen anymore, you may want to consider giving your kitchen a facelift. Kitchen remodels can cost as much as $25,000-$50,000 dollars. That’s a staggering figure, but you don’t have to gut your kitchen to get that remodeled look. Consider swapping out old appliances for shiny new ones. Depending on the appliances you choose, you’ll still spend a few thousand dollars, but the results will be worth millions.

Replace Flooring

Flooring that is in disrepair will always bring the value of a home down. Most flooring isn’t meant to last a lifetime. After several years, carpet starts looking dingy. Hardwood flooring may show scratches and vinyl flooring starts to pull away from the floor. If your budget doesn’t give you enough room to replace all the flooring in your home, just start with a room at a time. Not only will this save you money, but you won’t have your belongings shoved into one room while the rest of the house is being worked on.

Replace Old Windows

Old windows and doors aren’t doing you any favors in terms of keeping your energy costs low. If you own a home with windows and doors installed before the turn of the century, consider replacing them with energy-efficient models. Even if your windows and doors are newer it’s a good idea to inspect them yearly for cracks around the frames. These cracks should be repaired not only to keep energy costs low, but to prevent further disrepair from happening that may require full replacement.

Plan for Success

When you get ready to make home improvements, make sure to plan for success. Consult with experts in home improvement Canton to make sure you’re making changes that are going to add value to your home without breaking the bank. If you’re planning on making these improvements to make your home more attractive to buyers, it’s very important that you work with professionals who understand the value in precise improvements and will point you in the right direction.