Building your dream home This Is What You Will Need

Your dream home has to be perfect! There is absolutely no scope for compromise or for substitution in any form. When you are seeking and targeting perfection then you need to work with the best; in case of your home this means working with the best architects in town and the best suppliers. Here is what you need to keep in mind when you are selecting an architect for designing your house.

First, be clear what kind of design you want. This could be inspired from previous designs you’ve seen or the kind of comfort you want in the house or maybe even some particular additions you want to see in your house. The clearer your communication the better the architect will be able to understand what you want and will be able to reciprocate that in the design he makes. Washington DC architects can provide you with the best and the most original designs for your home. If you so desire, the home design can also be a mix of architectural styles from around the world.

While selecting your architect take a look at their profile and portfolio. Word of mouth plays a very important role in selection so ask around about architects with whom your friends had a good experience. You will get to know which home builders in Northern VA are worth trusting and have a good reputation. This should be the first criterion from which you can further shortlist.

The budget is a major consideration for every homebuilder. Once you have shortlisted and created a list of potential architects get in touch with them and discuss your ideas along with the budget you have kept aside for building your house. Some architects might say that they only work on projects that have a particular amount of budget allocated, in which case your list might get further shortened. Also, do not forget to review past projects of the architects when you start short listing them. After word of mouth, checking pictures or websites of such architects should be the next step. This will also give you an idea if the architect you are considering will be able to handle the design you have in mind.

The next step would be setting up a meeting with the shortlisted architects. Some of the high profile architects and firms also require recommendations from existing clients before they take up any new client. In this case you will have to ask your friends or acquaintances to give a recommendation for you.

One of the best architects in Washington DC is AV Architects and Builders. This firm has been in the business of building homes for many years and in the realm of luxury homes and major renovations, these are the go-to people. They have a unique design-build process that ensures that the client’s dream stays alive even through the building process. They have an excellent reputation for meeting deadlines and delivering on time within the set and specified budget. So, are you on board yet?