Design your own Cloakroom Suite in an elegant manner

Cloakroom suites

A cloakroom suite is that immensely useful appendage to the downstairs lobby or lounge, which might seem difficult to fit-in during the home designing stage, but turns out to be ‘what-would-I-do-without-you’ necessity later on.

A cloakroom suite is equipped with a toilet and basin, without the bath, and it gains importance once your house becomes functional. More so, if you have children, or frequent guests!

Planning the layout of Cloakroom Suites

Finding a suitable place to squeeze in a cloakroom suite requires adequate planning and imagination. If space is a constraint, then the customary location is the dead space under the staircase. You could even consider converting an extended corner of your sitting room into a cloakroom suite.

But, if your cloakroom suite is not just an afterthought and you have space for a generous sized one, then this room can become as much of a style statement as the rest of your house. The most popular choices are basins with built-in vanity units and back-to-the-wall toilets. They come in colour or theme coordinated sets. You can focus on stylish bathroom furniture, like a sink vanity, shelves and storage cabinet or a clothes rack, to complete the look. The cloakroom basins come in compact space-saving designs with a storage cabinet under it. This maximises free space, hides all the ugly plumbing pipes and gives the cloakroom a sleek and minimalist look. Wall-hung cloakroom sinks are another option and provide a similar effect. Likewise,cloakroom toilets also come in slim and sleek designs, and depending on personal preference, you can choose either a back-to-the-wall toilet or a wall-hung toilet.