How to Design a Luxury Home Interior

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Pick a rare or one-of-a-kind piece of art or furniture as each room’s focus. Examples are a gorgeous, original painting, a silk kimono or perhaps an antique breakfront that’s so spectacular, its dramatic placement would command notice, regardless of what else was in the room. Because of the importance of this element, you’ll realise why top-of-the-line designers begin with one focus per room.

Shop for modern furniture with elegant accessories, for example rich, rare mahogany woods with raw silk upholstery and hand-embroidered accent pillows. You’ll rarely look for a lot of oak in a luxury home interior design–perhaps since it is plentiful and affordable, two qualities people who can afford the best are not always worried about. Handcrafted wood artifacts from exotic places, vintage tapestries and stylish inlaid chests all radiate a feeling of wealth.

Use gold–real gold. Bathroom faucets, whirlpool tub waterfall spouts and thick, glass-enclosed body showers undertake an upscale appearance in many other materials as well. Finish bathrooms served by high-count, dyed-in-weave Egyptian cotton bath sheets that need heated towel bars to dry them since they’re so thick. Shop for lavish appointments for example gilt-framed mirrors, marble soap and lotion dispensers and cashmere-weave hand towels to pamper bathers. Stock dispensers with pricey glycerin-based soaps and creams. Complete the room by installing versatile lighting systems to assuage bathers and provide just the right light for grooming tasks.

Showcase interior contents with neutral but rich wall colors so pricey furnishings, art and accessories aren’t at a loss for bright or too many colors. It’s permissible to make use of one bold color on the section of a wall that’s looking for drama, but expand the palette with other walls and you’ll wind up losing the elegance you seek. That stated, avoid white unless you’re attempting to achieve high contrast with black, silver or red. Sticking with warm, muted caramels–or several hues of tan–will supply the canvas from which to hang your decorating themes and furnishings.
Unearth flooring choices that are traffic stopping. Real wood, marble, high-end slate and flooring made from materials that require high-end finishing each make their very own statement of luxury. Think about a mix of inlaid woods with Italian marble or patterned, handmade porcelain tiles imported from Holland for drama and impact. Carry these materials right through to countertops, back splashes and built-in cabinets, that are wonderful ways to limit the quantity of furniture in rooms. Pairing marble with teak or cherry in bathrooms and kitchens illuminate rooms with elegance–particularly when you choose appliances which are outfitted with wood facings produced from wood matching the kitchen or any other built-in cabinets.

Lavish rooms with live plants and live flowers, cut to mirror the season or to freshen the décor sometimes. Crystal vases of gladiolus or orchids–Ming Dynasty vases full of chrysanthemum or lavish bouquets of tulips in glass bowls placed on display when the snow falls and spring is months away reflect understated elegance not usually present in less affluent homes.

Look for unique crystal appointments–like chandeliers, sconces and candelabrum. Think past the formal dining area. Singer Jennifer Lopez hung crystal chandeliers over her twin babies’ cribs, and there is no reason you can’t put a crystal chandelier inside a bedroom or bathroom when the room will accommodate the seductive sparkle of crystal.

Purchase the best linens money can purchase. High-count Egyptian sheets, cashmere blankets, silk duvet bedding and satin swags and curtains edged with handmade Belgian lace will reflect your resolve for quality and luxury home interior design. Piles of bed pillows covered in Battenberg lace-trimmed pillowcases and curtain tiebacks woven of imported silk and satin braid–with or without gold threads–are always elegantly appropriate. Sleuth out bedding from Frette, Yves Delorme and Pratesi, or choose Ralph Lauren or even the rare 1,500-thread count import, and you will be sleeping in the lap of luxury.

Keep in mind that it’s not the fittings, furnishings, accessories, appliances, floors and window treatments you buy that constitute the feel of luxury; it’s the way you place everything together that matters. Showcase that skill by coordinating a decorating arrange for a luxury home that looks as effortless because it is breathtaking.