The 3 Biggest Home Floor Plan No Nos

In fact, there are 3 major ways that people designing their homes actually get in their own way. They plan something that seems perfect but ends up being a nightmare! Talk about a bad deal! Having to go through the difficulty of moving into a new home–not to mention overseeing the construction process–only to have misgivings with the new one can send you up the wall with anger.

Again, nothing can beat the stress of having to work with a Realtor to find an existing home that is right for you, one that has been lived in and shared with another family and that might have some appealing features along with serious flaws that are practically deal-breakers.

Of course, a great way to avoid this stress altogether is to work with home builders in Crestview, FL, that have worked tirelessly to construct tested and proven-loveable floor plans that are perfect for any family but are still flexible enough to please families of different sizes, ages, and lifestyles.

If you still want to consider tackling a floor plan design on your own–after all, many blogs and home improvement websites might cheer you on to do so–consider these 3 common mistakes people make when creating home floor plans.

1. Not Considering Their Tastes

Why design a 2-story home when you hate having to climb stairs or do not want to be separated from your children by stairs? Who knows, but people seem to do it all the time. People who love open floor plans accidentally design homes that are enclosed and partitioned off at every turn, while those that prefer a traditional floor plan might be tempted to design something more contemporary and end up cursing themselves when they see the results.

2. Not Understanding How Dimensions Work

Does a 12 x 12 bedroom sound tiny to you? Actually, it is not, but people might assume that a room needs about 20 feet on each side and then exceed their budgets when it comes time to paint, carpet, and finish each room. Then again, planning a kitchen is something else altogether. Kitchen appliances need to occupy at least 10 feet of length and that is without reasonable counter space. Also, remember to measure your furniture so that it fits! People without expertise in home design might not understand just where space needs to be allocated and how much each square foot really tacks onto your budget.

3. Designing Awkward Living Rooms

A living room seems like an easy thing to plan. Just draw big rectangle, right? Actually, there is much more to consider than that. The living room, great room, family room, den, or what-have-you, should actually be designed as the central room of the home. That does not mean that it should be in the exact middle of the floor plan, but it means that traffic should flow to this space easily. Every bedroom, the kitchen, the dining room, the foyer, and any outdoor living space should have quick access to this room. However, too many entrances and exits through the living space can make decorating extremely difficult, as there will not be enough wall space for a sofa! If you do not plan this area well, the living room will feel awkward and hard to reach rather than inviting and spacious.

It may be best to leave floor planning to the experts. Professional and experienced home builders in Crestview, FL, will be able to plan a beautiful and comfortable home just for you without all of the awkward errors amateurs can make.